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Payment Options:

We don't accept online payments , orders must be called in or sent by email with the item# and quantity.

This is to avoid paying for merchandise and not actually having it in stock for delivery.

We accept over the phone payments or payment at the point of delvery.

Styles In Furniture accept credit/debit payments with our mobile merchant device.

When an order is called in or sent by email we check our inventory to see if it's available for purchase.

If not, we communicate this to you / the customer that the merchandise is not in stock. We can

order the merchandise and offer you a ( Flex Discount - save 5%-10% ) For waiting.

( Purchasing Single Items )

Although our website offer most purchases sold in sets you may requset to purchase items seperate.

We offer great deals in single purchases.

( Read or ask about our Flex Discounts )

When ordering stock it usually take 2 to 7 business days for us to receive.

1. All orders under $500 you don't pay until we deliver, we're able to accept credit payments

with our mobile merchant device / plus offer a receipt.

2.Orders over $500 you must fill out our 25% down payment application. The 25% application

can be filled out online or in person, for the online application you fill it out and email it to us.

Once the online application has been emailed to us a Styles In Furniture representative

will sign the online application and send it back to you. Atfer this you will be contacted

by a respresntatvie to discuss our payment options.

The remaining balance of 25% down payment will be due at the point of delivery.

If application is to be filled out in person, you will need to print our (print application)

and schedule a date , time and place to meet with one of our Styles In Furniture

representatives.Once application has been filled out and signed by both parties,

a 25%down payment will be required if necessary. The Styles In Furniture representative

will take a picture or scan the application for his/her records, you will keep the original copy.

If you're not able to print the application, the representative will have one for you.

Delivery Charge:

Delivery charge is estimated on distance/miles.

Example: (10-20miles $10.00 ) (20-40miles $20.00) (40-60 $30.00)

(60-70 $40.00) (70-80 $50.00) 80miles and over is to be determined.

You can send application via email once complete.

See the below links.

Print Application
25% Down Application
Flex Discount